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Chris has sailed all types of boats with his family, from dinghies to canal barges.  He has built his experience cruising on mono and multi-hull vessels, whilst sailing with children and pets along the way.  Markham Marine Services also works with other qualified skippers and crew, who bring diverse skills such as marine surveying, engineering and trawler work, alongside motorboat handling and sailing skills.







'I'm privileged to combine working with a wide range of interesting people, with my passion for boats, sailing and living on them.

Over the years I have sailed, owned, refit and delivered numerous boats and have enjoyed the waters of the North Sea,

Mediterranean, English Channel and Channel Islands, as well as our historic and beautiful inland waterways. During this time

I've become RYA qualified from Sea Survival to Yachtmaster and never lost my interest in boats, or my keenness to share it.'

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